2U | Boot camps

2U's boot camps offer industry-specific curricula to assist students in securing high-growth careers after 12-24 weeks of course work.

I crafted online trainings to support and onboard new subject matter experts and designers. I worked closely with curriculum teams to produce (and film!) videos, tailor assessments, and scaffold blended and virtual learning modules. 

LX Customer Experience

A comprehensive blended (asynchronous and live) course content about the fundamentals of Customer Experience (CX) for the Product Management Boot Camp.


Sample training presentation about Inclusive Course Design. 

Google | CS First

CS First program engages young learners with computer science (CS), through their interests. 

Support and enrichment materials, like lesson plans, student projects, learning videos, and other support guides were crafted to enhance the user experience and improve access to CS education.

An Unusual Discovery - Lesson Plan

Classroom teaching

Diet coke fountain after mixing with Mentos candy.

Teaching high school chemistry and AP Research, I held an intention to create an atmosphere that influenced personal and scientific discovery. Using a wealth of apps, learning software, lab experiments, and other student-centered resources, students were able to discover, be challenged, and experience their own personal triumphs in this traditional classroom setting. 


(formerly Holberg Financial)

The Holberg Financial Learning platform helps users tackle different elements of their personal finances, from preparing for retirement to understanding their federal student loan debts. 

Leading instructional design and video production, I crafted internal processes (sample of Content Tracker) and guides (HF Curriculum Planning Guide) facilitate the design and implementation of existing and future content.

Storyline 360 | Articulate

Sample project - The Structure of the American Government (2020)

Rise 360 | Articulate

Personal sample project - Recipe and additional context of the Key Lime Pie (2020) [in draft]

Improving the way we learn and access information